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What's New In Tankless Water Heaters


Tankless water heaters offer a solution to the problem of insufficient hot water in any home or business. A tankless water heater can provide endless hot water for as long as the tap remains open, while also reducing the long-term financial and environmental costs of water heating for your property. At Better Water Heaters, we are dedicated to helping you enjoy the latest technological advancements in hot water heaters near San Jose; we offer comprehensive water heater services that include water heater installation, water heater restoration, water heater replacement, and tankless water heater maintenance to help you get the most from your investment.

Easier Installation and Maintenance

Replacing your water heater and maintaining it for maximum performance should be an easy and cost-effective process. While the earliest generations of tankless water heaters faced many barriers, new advancements have eliminated many customer concerns.

  • Early generations of tankless water heaters were often difficult or complicated to install when switching from a conventional water heater to a tankless model. Today many tankless water heater manufacturers have changed the design of their tankless water heaters to make water heater installation an easier and faster process. This virtually eliminates the disruption to your daily schedule associated with water heater replacement so that you can enjoy a tankless model in place of a conventional water heating system with a short installation time and a reduced installation cost.

  • The earliest tankless water heater models often required more frequent maintenance to ensure the system delivered the efficiency and performance expected. New developments in tankless water heater design and manufacturing have significantly reduced the amount of time and effort associated with tankless water heater maintenance, requiring fewer and shorter visits to flush and check the water heater to maintain its high efficiency.

Better Performance

One of the major reasons for choosing tankless water heater installation is the increase in performance you expect from this type of water heating system. Tankless water heaters are designed to deliver nonstop hot water for your daily needs for as long as you require it. New technology, such as recirculation pumps and buffer tanks, make it possible to receive the consistent hot water you expect from your tankless water heater, eliminating the “cold water sandwich” effect associated with many early models that resulted in inconsistent water temperatures during the first several minutes of use.

Tankless water heaters offer better value today than ever before, allowing you to take advantage of some of the latest advancements in plumbing technology for a greener home and lower utility bills. Please call Better Water Heaters today at (408) 250-6672 to discuss water heater installation or water heater repair services with a tankless water heater specialist serving San Jose.


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