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Water Conditioning


Pure, fresh water is a valuable resource you need every day. However, the water that arrives at your taps may carry with it several minerals, chemicals, and other particles that diminish its quality and affect the long-term function and condition of your plumbing. The process of water conditioning removes unwanted contaminants from the water used in your home, improving the quality of the water you receive from every faucet and fixture. At Better Water Heaters, we know that many of the most common water heater problems arise from the contaminants found in your home’s water. Our water heater company near San Jose offers water conditioning solutions in addition to our comprehensive water heater services to help you avoid water heater repair and water heater replacement.

Common Sources of Contamination in Water

Contaminants are elements present in water that affect its purity. Not all contaminants are harmful to humans, but some contaminants can affect the way water tastes or performs in your home. Much of the country’s water naturally contains high levels of dissolved minerals; your home’s water may also contain chemicals and other contaminants from several sources.

  • Hard water contains a high concentration of dissolved minerals, such as potassium and magnesium. These minerals are present in much of the natural landscape, and enter water reservoirs as rainwater and other runoff slowly trickles through the ground. Hard water is not dangerous to drink, but often causes plumbing problems.

  • Municipal water suppliers must treat water to ensure it is safe from biological contaminants prior to distribution for drinking. Some processes increase the levels of certain chemicals in your water; while these chemicals are not harmful to humans, they can cause water heater problems and other plumbing issues over time.

  • Aging plumbing and appliances can contribute particulate matter to your home’s water. When you need water heater replacement or repiping, you may notice rusty or metallic-smelling water, particularly from hot water taps.

The Basics of Water Conditioning

Water conditioning is a broad term that refers to the removal of certain contaminants from your water. If your home has hard water, water softening is often the best water conditioning solution; however, other treatments can be used to remove additional minerals, chemicals, or other contaminants for fresh, clean water that reduces plumbing issues and water heater problems. During conditioning, water is exposed to filters, magnetic or electric fields, or chemical solutions that target and remove specific contaminants from your water to reduce scale, improve taste, and protect your plumbing system, including your hot water heaters. You can find out more about water conditioning and water heater repair, maintenance, and installation near San Jose by calling Better Water Heaters today at (408) 250-6672.


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