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Conventional Water Heaters in San Jose, CA

Repair, Replacement & Installation of Conventional Water Heaters

At Better Water Heaters, we work hard for our customers by offering personal service and fair rates for every client. Our diligence and commitment to providing great service has earned us the prestigious Diamond Certification. For this reason, we choose Bradford White hot water heaters when installing conventional systems for household or commercial customers. We have tested the Bradford White over the years, and we are just as satisfied with the results as our customers are. They are an impressively progressive manufacturer in the water heating, space heating, and water storage industry. Their products are top of the line with technologically progressive features. When we install a Bradford White water heater for your household, you can trust in the long tank life, re-settable thermal safety switch and self-cleaning features. Contact us now to receive great service and an efficient water heating system from Better Water Heaters.


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How do conventional water heating systems work?

Most single-family storage water heaters have a ready reservoir of 30 to 100 gallons. A commercial storage water heater can hold up to 100 gallons of hot water. The functions of a hot water storage heater begin by releasing hot water from the top of the tank when you turn on the hot water tap. Once the heated water in the tank starts to empty, cold water immediately fills into the bottom of the tank to ensure that the tank remains full. There are several different sources of conventional storage fuel, including natural gas, propane, fuel oil and electricity.

When using a gas or propane water heater, they will function almost identically. There is a gas burner under the tank that heats the water, with a thermostat that opens the gas valve whenever the water temperature begins to fall. As soon as the water temperature rises to the set point, the valve will close. While oil-fired water heaters are similar in operation, they vary in a few key ways. An electric spark ignites the power burners so they can mix oil and air into a vaporizing mist.

For electric water heaters, there are several electric features that have their own thermostats to monitor the temperature. The two electric elements will be coupled with a standby element that is located at the bottom of the tank. This will ensure that the minimum thermostat is maintained throughout use. Whether you already own a conventional water heater or are looking to install a hot water heating system in your household, Better Water Heaters can help. We offer our customers a one-year guarantee on all parts and labor we provide at no extra charge.

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