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Providing Hot Water Heating Systems to the Bay Area

Our company offers assistance with servicing or replacing residential and commercial water heaters throughout the Bay Area, including San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos, Milpitas, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Fremont, Hayward, and Union City. We have numerous years' experience with conventional and tankless heaters, allowing us to help each client with their specific needs. At Better Water Heaters, we are available and on call 24/7, responding efficiently to our customers and their situations. We are equipped to complete installations in one visit, offering you effective and fair service. For issues with plumbing leaks, shut-off valves, recirculating pumps and pressure regulators, Better Water Heaters can help.

We aim to give our customers the best possible prices, offering discounts when applicable. Our technicians are constantly receiving new updated training to remain effective and aware of the advancements and improvements in water heating practices. Customers can rest assured of our discipline and product quality, as all of our installations are held to plumbing and building code standards. Our company is committed to helping customers throughout the Bay Area-including San Jose, Palo Alto, Belmont, Santa Clara and more. For fast, friendly service, contact us today! We also offer a free one-year guarantee on most parts and services.

Conventional Water Heaters in the Bay Area

At our company, we strive to put quality first. We pride ourselves on offering a complete line of conventional Bradford White hot water heaters, one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of water, space and combination heating. They offer long-lasting and trustworthy quality that's made in America. They also have a sealed burner with Advanced ScreenLok® Technology with a re-settable thermal switch for safety. Plastic valves are poorer quality and don't stand up the same way brass drain valves do, which is why we choose the best products and line of water heaters for our customers. Our conventional storage water heaters include natural gas, propane, fuel oil and electricity.

Bay Area Tankless Water Heater Services

We seek to give customers cost-efficient products that benefit you in the future, rather than just the immediate. We offer a complete line of Noritz Tankless Hot Water Heater products that allow continuous hot water, high energy efficiency, and low operating costs. The long term use of a tankless water heater generally saves households 30 to 45% in energy expenses, when compared to the conventional tank models. The investment will prove environmentally friendly and provide continuous hot water. The tankless water heater system will also free up space, minimizing the storage needed for a conventional gas or electric water heater.

How Tankless Water Heating Systems Work

The benefit of tankless water heaters can be found in their ability to heat water without the use of a traditional storage tank. These storage tanks often suffer standby heat loss and cause the water heating to be less efficient. Tankless heaters eliminate the standby issue and help you avoid waiting for the storage tank to fill up with enough hot water-potentially saving costs through this convenience. With a constant supply of hot water, you will never run out again. Whether you have a smaller living space or a large household, accommodations can be made for an effective tankless hot water heater in your house.

Repair, Installation & Replacement of Hybrid Hot Water Heaters

At Better Water Heaters, we are constantly researching new ways to help customers. Through Eternal Hybrid Hot Water Heater products, we can help you save money and shrink your global footprint. Eternal is the very first to create a consistent water heating system through the combination of tank and tankless heating features. This hybrid system is capable of practically instant and endless hot water. Both the Eternal Hybrid and Condensing Hybrid hot water heaters use the Counter Flow Principle to function. Though drastically different from the traditional approach to water heating appliances, it has proven to be extremely efficient.

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