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Telltale Signs of a Failing Water Heater

Your hot water heater near San Mateo or the Bay Area may serve you well for many years, but it will not last forever. This is why it pays to understand the signs of a failing unit so you can find a ...
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Reasons to Replace Your Water Heater

Your hot water heater is an important appliance, as it continually works to keep your home conveniently supplied with warm water. If you have a water heater maintenance plan in action, you will most ...
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Changing the Temperature on Your Water Heater

Knowing how to change the temperature on your electric water heater in San Jose can prove to be a useful skill and something to add to your home-improvement arsenal. Some hot water heater ...
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A Look at Water Heater Repair

Water heaters are among the most important appliances we own. A steady supply of hot water is important for many daily household tasks, including bathing, washing clothes, and washing dishes. If and ...
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Signs That Your Water Heater Needs Replacement

Holding onto anything past its prime is a bad idea. That old junker in the driveway can break down and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere, and your busted air conditioner will probably wait ...
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Choosing a Water Heater Size

When you are shopping for a new hot water heater, you will have many different factors to consider. Primarily, you will need to determine whether a tankless water heater or electric water heater will ...
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Which Water Heater is Right for You?

If your old water heater is on its way out, use this opportunity to install a new, energy-efficient model. The water heater is one of the largest energy consumers in your home, so investing in an ...
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