Spotlight on Hybrid Water Heaters

If you are seeking a hot water heater that offers the terrific efficiency of a tankless water heater, but with an expended flow capacity, you may want to check out the hybrid water heater options that are available to you. This type of water heater uses a powerful heat exchanger to create hot water on demand. To boost the flow of your hot water taps, this electric hot water heater is also equipped with a storage tank. By incorporating the best features of tankless and conventional water heaters, this innovative new water heater is an energy-smart and practical choice for your home. Since a hybrid water heater can provide you with up to 80 percent efficiency or more, you will enjoy terrific savings on your hot water bills when you install one of these units. A company offering water heater installation in Fremont will be able to provide you with more information about the advantages of hybrid units.

Conventional and Tankless Water Heaters in Fremont

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