Choosing a Water Heater Size

When you are shopping for a new hot water heater, you will have many different factors to consider. Primarily, you will need to determine whether a tankless water heater or electric water heater will be the right choice for your needs. If you are seeking a system that offers heated water, you may want to purchase an on demand water heater. A tankless water heater will provide perfectly heated water, whenever you turn on your tap. A company offering tankless water heater installation in San Mateo can help you select the perfect system for your home. To help you get started on your water heater purchase, here is a look at some tips for determining the right water heater size for your household.

Water Heater Repair in the Bay AreaEvaluate Your Mounting Area

Unlike a conventional water heater, which relies on a large storage tank, a tankless water heater is small, lightweight, and can be mounted to the wall. When you are choosing a water heater size, you should start by looking at the area where you plan to mount your unit. Your system should fit easily in the space with a couple of free inches on each side.

Determine Your Cold Water Temperature

Since a tankless water heater creates hot water instantly, it is essential to install a system with enough capabilities to heat your cold water properly. To decide what size of water heater will be right for your plumbing system, you can measure the temperature of your cold water. Next, you can select a water heater that is able to quickly boost the base temperature of your cold water.

Calculate Your Water Flow Rates

When you install a tankless system, your hot water will be created as it flows through your pipes. To ensure that you have plenty of hot water for each area of your house, it is a good idea to calculate the water flow rates for all of your different fixture. A properly sized water heater will have the capacity to handle the total water flow of these fixtures as they are running.

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