Telltale Signs of a Failing Water Heater

telltale signs of a failing water heater san joseYour hot water heater near San Mateo or the Bay Area may serve you well for many years, but it will not last forever. This is why it pays to understand the signs of a failing unit so you can find a new water heater before you find yourself in an emergency situation. It is wise to have your water heater inspected before you need it so you can replace it if that is what the situation warrants. Here is a look at a few of the telltale signs of a failing water heater.

Presence of Moisture

You need moisture in the home in the form of water in order to take a shower, wash your hands, or do the dishes. However, the presence of moisture where it should not exist is cause for concern. A failing water heater may have small cracks and fractures in the tank, and the expansion that occurs as metal heats may lead to leaks. Your water heater may also leak due to loose connections or fittings. If your fittings and connections are not the culprit, it is time to replace your cracked tank so that it stops leaking. Failing to replace your water heater at this point can lead to complications like mold growth and poor indoor air quality.

Old Age

It is helpful to know the relative age of your water heater off of the top of your head. When this is the case, you can tell when you are nearing the end of its lifespan and arrange for a replacement. The manufacturer’s sticker will bear a serial number that indicates the timeframe during which the water heater was manufactured. Aging water heaters tend to be more prone to malfunctions and require more frequent repairs.

Rust in Your Water

If you run your hot water to do your dishes only to find that your water contains rust, your water heater is probably on its way out. This means that the water heater itself is rusting, which often leads to leaks. If you notice rust in your water, look for a replacement as soon as possible.

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