Electric vs. Gas Water Heaters

electric vs. gas water heaters san jose

Gas and electric water heaters both have the same goal, which is to heat your water so that you can shower or wash your clothes and dishes using warm water. However, each of these types of hot water heater near Fremont or the Bay Area is different from each other in a few important ways. Keep reading if you are interested in taking a closer look at electric and gas water heaters.

The primary difference between an electric and gas water heater is the power source. While electric water heaters make use of electricity as their power source, gas water heaters depend on natural gas and a gas line. This offers gas water heaters the advantage of being fully functional when the home loses power, but electric water heaters tend to be more efficient. It is worth noting, however, that electric water heaters tend to be more expensive up front and it will not recover its water as quickly as a gas heater. Electricity and gas are both viable power sources for tankless water heaters; these heaters are more efficient than conventional water heaters because they heat the water as it is needed rather than continuously warming a tank.

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