Blog Posts in November, 2014

Exploring Hybrid Water Heaters

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine the flow capacity of conventional water heaters with the continuous flow of tankless water heaters? With a hybrid water heater, you can! Hybrid water ...
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The Better Water Heaters Guarantee

When you trust Better Water Heaters of San Jose for your water heater installation, you will get the peace of mind that only comes when you work with company that stands behind their work 100 percent. ...
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Which Water Heater is Right for You?

If your old water heater is on its way out, use this opportunity to install a new, energy-efficient model. The water heater is one of the largest energy consumers in your home, so investing in an ...
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A Look at Tankless Water Heaters

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, lower your monthly utility bills, or simply enjoy continuous hot water, you may be interested in a tankless water heater. Although the initial ...
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