A Look at How Tankless Water Heaters Work

Tankless Water Heaters in San JoseTraditional storage water heaters keep hot water ready for use at a moment's notice inside a storage tank. This tank is subject to heat loss, meaning your water heater must periodically consume more power to keep your water hot. Tankless water heaters solve this problem by producing hot water on demand, reducing energy and water usage in your San Jose home.

Heating Water

A tankless water heater works by heating water only when you open a hot water tap. As cold water flows into the water heater, it is heated quickly by a heat exchanger, which is activated as the water begins to enter the appliance. This heat exchanger is powered by electricity or gas; cold water is circulated quickly through the tankless system, reaching the desired temperature before it exits via a plumbing pipe to your tap. The heat exchanger will continue to heat water as long as you have the hot water running; once you close the tap and stop the flow of water, your tankless water heater will stop heating water until it is needed once more.

Types of Heaters

There are two types of tankless water heaters: whole-house water heaters and point-of-use water heaters. Whole-house tankless water heaters consist of a single appliance, which is responsible for all hot water used in your home. This type of system is most like a traditional storage water heater system. Alternatively, point-of-use tankless systems are smaller-capacity tankless water heaters responsible for only one or two hot water taps in your home. Pont-of-use systems reduce the lag time needed to provide hot water, which can become an issue in large homes where the water must travel a large distance from the water heater to the tap.

Are you interested in replacing your storage water heater with a tankless water heater in San Jose? Talk to a water heater professional in your area to find out more about which type of tankless system can offer your home the greatest benefit.

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